order of the INCARNATE WORD

The De Matels

We are members of the family of the Incarnate Word who seek to live out our Baptismal Promises and our call to be missionary disciples from our living
out of the charism of the Incarnation
of the Word.
We seek to open the horizons for many young people who are searching and who desire to make a positive difference in our world.  Through service, they can learn the concrete practice of living the values of the Gospel in union with Jesus, the Incarnate Word.

Mission Statement

We seek to love and serve others in the spirit of Vn. Jeanne Chézard de Matel: to be, to see, and to touch the living Christ in those around us, particularly by serving the poor and vulnerable. We seek to grow in spirituality through prayer, the foundation of our passion for service.


Any youth or young adult may apply to join the Incarnate Word De Matels. The De Matels Leadership Council approves the membership.


All members of the Incarnate Word De Matels are expected to live out the Christian call to serve others, to share the Good News of Christ, and to be exemplary models of virtue for all to follow.


Each member of the Incarnate Word De Matels will actively participate in service projects, retreats, prayer services, and any other gatherings that the organization is participating in. Attendance is reflective of the commitment to the service of God’s people. Absences are not reflective of a commitment to that service, therefore any member that misses three sequential events will meet with the Leadership Council.